Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Its Time To Break Rules Before They Break You!  Read On!
The following will make an immediate difference to your

 Business and Profits      
6 Dos and Don'ts For Increasing Sales, Shortening Your
 Selling Cycles, and Reducing Marketing Costs 
If you are not the person in your Organization that focuses on Decisions related to Marketing, Advertising and Sales, please pass the following along!    
1a)The Big Don't!
"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  Einstein

1b) The Big Do! 
"Success is really about being ready for the good opportunities that come before you. It's not to have a detailed plan of everything that you're going to do. You can't plan innovation or inspiration, but you can be ready for it, and when you see it, you can jump on it."   Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

2a)  Don't - Continue to put all of your Marketing and Advertising Budget and Time into traditional "Outbound" Strategies: ie. Purchasing Leads, Direct Mailers, Call Centers, Cold Calling, Printed Advertising, Trade Shows, etc.

2b)  Do - Utilize the Power of the Internet, Social Media, Search Engine, and SEO to have Qualified Prospects knocking at your door while Reducing Your Marketing and Advertising Costs, Shortening Selling Cycles, and Increasing Sales.

3a)  Don't - Believe that a reasonably well designed website will deliver you "Traffic" and Qualified Prospects.

3b)  Do -  Understand that most websites are "Bill Boards in the Desert"!  You need to utilize internet specific tools and avenues designed to drive "Traffic" to your website.

4a)  Don't - Continue attempting to reach your Target Markets where they are for the most part unapproachable, ie: Phone Calls, Cold Calls, Outings, etc.

4b)  Do - Utilize the Power of the Internet, Social Media, Search Engines and SEO to attract potential clients from where they go for information.  According to LIMRA 86% of all Insurance sales will be initiated on the internet in 2012!

5a) Don't - Continue to utilize or expect top Producers to be Great Prospectors.  For the most part Producers have a refined capacity to close on Qualified Prospects.  Their time is best spent closing on Prospects or asking for Referrals.

5b) Do - Utilize a combination of Traditional and "Inbound" Strategies to generate Qualified leads for your Producers.  

6a)  Don't -  Continue to try to reach your Targeted Markets by putting all of your eggs in one basket - allocating most of your budgeted money and time to expensive Advertising, Consultants, Purchasing Leads, Trade Shows, etc.

6b)  Do - Utilize various types of Social Media to add value and build trust with your Targeted Markets.  Access to these resources are generally free, or of good value, but do require an investment of time on a consistent and persistent basis to generate Qualified Leads.  Suggested Resources:

  • HubSpot - While they do have fabulous software resources for driving "Inbound" marketing traffic, they are also an incredible source of free information through their website, newsletters, and emails.  They also have a "Free" Inbound Marketing University that provides a tremendous resource.
  • Constant Contact - For keeping in contact with your existing clients and those with whom you are building a relationship, this service provides Email Contact Services providing  templates, and List/Data Management Services that save you time and money.
  • Linkedin - Has a Business to Business (BtoB) focus that leads the pack in this form of Social Media.  Free advice for using Linkedin can be easily found by a search on Google!  When using Linkedin, we suggest: Fully complete your "Profile" including a picture; Join your allotted 50 industry related "Groups"; Participate in and "add value" to "Group Discussions"; start "Discussions" on topics that interest you and your Target Markets; Start your own "Group" to better focus on issues regarding your Industry Sector; Build your "Contact List"; and Do not try to Sell - Qualified Prospects will come to you!
  • Twitter, Facebook, Pininterest, etc. - These large networks for Social Media are rapidly entering the Business-to-Consumer (BtoC) markets.  With time they may become an effective tool for reaching the Individual markets for Insurance.  Time will tell if they can be effective in the BtoB Markets.      
  • Agents of America (AOA), AMAGA, Insurance Campus, NOLHA, ProducersWeb, CompleteMarkets and other internet based Industry Groups - Provide industry related information as well as forums for discussions, posting comments, profile updates, and posting Blogs.  They offer a great pathway to your Target Markets.    
  • BenefitPlace.biz (BP) and BPTradeShow (BPTS) - Provide information about Insurance and Benefits related Plans, Programs, and Services as well as platforms for generating "Inbound" Qualified Prospects to your Website, Contact Information, and/or directly to your Producer's.  The Goal of BP and BPTS is to bring the Providers of Plans, Programs, and Services together with Buyers in an Efficient and Cost-Effective Marketplace.       

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Make change in the Insurance and Benefits Marketplace work for you!  We hope the above provides you Direction for Increasing the flow of Qualified Prospects and Shortening Selling Cycles while Reducing Marketing Costs.


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