Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Insurance and Benefits Industry Leaders are being selected for an opportunity to take advantage of our Listings and Becoming an Exhibitor on a "Risk Free" Basis!!

 Utilize BenefitPace.biz & BPTradeShow.com
As Your "Inbound" Marketing Partner 
 "Only Pay When We Produce"!  
WHO - Your Company can be selected for our new "No Risk" Marketing Initiative - You can only Win!

WHAT - BenefitPlace.biz and BPTradeShow.com - by popular industry demand - will provide its services on a "Pay For Performance" (PFP) Basis to Select Industry Leaders!  We'll become Your Producer's Top Producer!  Let me explain!

HOW - At No Risk to you, we will become a Producing Arm of your "Inbound" Marketing Strategy!  As a Qualified Provider of Plans, Programs and Services you will only pay us when we deliver Paying Clients to your Producers!  It's a Win/Win Opportunity for you to utilize "Inbound Marketing" - The Power of the Internet, Social Media, Search Engines, and SEO!

CONTACT: max@benefitplace.biz or Call - 216.577.5579
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We are selecting Companies for this opportunity because we are convinced we can:
  • Shorten Selling Cycles!
  • Reduce Marketing Costs!
  • Increase Sales
  • and Both Profit!
A WINNING COMBINATION FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFY -  We Both Win!  You and BP/BPTS will enjoy significant new revenues through this "Affiliation"!  Paying BP/BPTS will be based on a mutually agreed upon (Fee - Not Commission) - far less than your normal Commissions and Renewals to Brokers, Agents, or Market Reps.

WHY THIS NEW MODEL? - While many in the Insurance & Benefits Industries welcomed and embraced our "Inbound" Marketing Strategies, they wanted to "wait and see how we performed before paying"!

WE WANT TO OVERCOME HURDLES! - We are selecting several leaders in their market sectors to offer and test a Pay For Performance (PFP) Model.  Quite simply, just like paying a Commission or Fee to a Representative or Salesperson, you will only compensate BP and BPTS when we deliver Paying Clients or Producing Brokers. Should you chose to take advantage of this opportunity we will work with you to set the Fee (not commission)!

WHAT IS BENEFITPLACE.BIZ (BP) - BenefitPlace.biz is an Information and Research Center focused on the Insurance and Benefits Industries with Listings of the Providers of Plans, Programs, and Services.  Employers, Employees, Individuals, and Brokers search for and find the Plans, Programs and Services - as well as the Providers - they need utilizing the Internet and Search Engines! 

WHAT IS BPTRADESHOW.COM (BPTS)? - BPTradeShow.com is a 24/7/365 virtual trade show for the Insurance and Benefits Industries bringing together Sellers of Plans, Programs, and Services together with Qualified Buyers from the comfort of their offices or homes utilizing the Internet and Search Engines!.

HOW DO BP & BPTS WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE SALES? - BP & BPTS are sister websites leveraging the Power of the Internet, Social Media, Search Engines and SEO for the Insurance & Benefits Industries bringing together the Providers of Plans, Programs, and Services with informed - Qualified Buyers. THEY WANT WHAT YOU HAVE!

WHAT'S NEXT?  Give me a Call to answer questions and determine if we can work together!

  • AGREE - We will agree upon a Fee for our generating a Sale for YOUR COMPANY - 1st year and ongoing - Pay for Performance (PFP).
  • TRACK - We will discuss and determine the best method for "Tracking" the Prospects from their visiting the BP and BPTS websites to the Transaction - Purchasing Your Plan, Program or Service.  If appropriate, we will speak with your technology team.
  • BUILD - We will build your BP Listings and BPTS Exhibit (a URL Sub-Domain) with your assistance in utilizing appropriate Text and Graphics (Videos and/or Avitars can be added at your cost based the outsourced charges without a mark-up).
  • APPROVAL - We will obtain your approval for the BP Listings and BPTS Exhibit.
  • MARKET - BP and BPTS will develop a marketing plan to promote your Plans, Programs , and/or Services for Mutual Benefit and Income!
  • CELEBRATE - We'll Celebrate our marketing and financial success with you!
  • REVIEW - At the end of a one year engagement, working with you we will evaluate the value of or relationship and mutually decide whether to continue on a PFP Basis or provide you an opportunity to convert to a "Flat Fee" based Model.
Thank you for reviewing the above!  BP & BPTS look forward to the possibility of working with you in Driving Sales for 2012 and Beyond! 

For More Information - Please contact me by Replying, Email, or Calling!
              Email - max@benefitplace.biz Call - 216.577.5579.


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