Thursday, April 26, 2012


After an extended Beta Test, and websites have been redeveloped to better serve the Insurance and Benefits Industries.  

Our goal with this the test was in four parts:
A)  To determine what the visitors to our websites needed to complete their research for Insurance & Benefits related Plans, Programs, and Services.  These visitors include: Individuals; HR Managers; Insurance Brokers and Agents; Consultants; Wholesalers, GAs, MGAs, MGUs, PAs; and Insurance Companies.
B)  To determine how we could best assist the Plan Producers, Suppliers, and Service Providers for the Insurance and Benefits related industries to more efficiently an cost-effectively reach their Target Markets.  These include: Insurers; Service Companies; Enrollment Companies, and all the above in (A).
C)  To bring the Buyers and Sellers in the Insurance and Benefits Markets together to:

  • Shorten Selling Cycles
  • Reduce Marketing and Selling Costs
  • Increase Consumer Market and Product Knowledge
  • Enhance Market Sector Competition
  • Increase Revenues and Sales 
D)  To create efficiencies!  When you visit the websites you should experience the following:

  1. A simplified and less cluttered format.
  2. The "SiteMap" acts as an index, GPS, for delivering the visitor to their Insurance or Benefits related Sector or Section of Interest.
  3. Specific web pages provide: Directories, the Process for Utilizing the Websites, and suggestions to assist in the Insurance and Decision-Making Process. 
  4. Clear Instructions and Calls to Action (CTA) are provided.
  5. Each Sector of the Insurance and Benefits Marketplace is provided a specific set of pages. These include:  Health and: Life Sectors with sub-sections including: Self-Funding, TPAs, Carriers, Brokers, Indemnity Plans, HMOs, PPOs, HSAs,  HRAs, Dental Plans, Vision Plans, Term Life, Universal Life, Whole Life, Annuities, etc.  Property and Casualty Sectors with sub-sections including: Carriers, PAs, Wholesalers; Brokers, etc.  Voluntary / Worksite Sectors with sub-sectors including: Flex Plans, Enrollment Cos., TPAs, Carriers, Brokers, Disability (STD & LTD), Critical Illness (CI), Hospital Income (HI), Dental, Vision, Legal, Pet, etc.  Retirement Plan Sectors  with sub-sectors including: Plans, Consultants, Broker-Dealers, Brokers, etc.  Service Industry Sectors with sub-sections including: HR Consulting Cos., Marketing Cos., Advertising Firms, Call Centers, TPAs, Actuaries, Consolidated Billing, Pay Roll, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Lead Providers, etc.    
  6. The links in the right column of each specific Sector and Section direct the visitors to important information about how to utilize and
  7. The links in the left column of each specific Sector and Section direct the visitors to pages related to the main topic to provide enhanced information. 
  8. The Itemized Pricing and Special Packages for: Listing Choices, Becoming an Exhibitor, and for Advertising Choices are easily accessed and provide information about the Buying and set-up Processes.  
  9. Because each potential Lister, Exhibitor, and Advertiser has very specific questions and needs, we provide a direct phone number, as well as a form, for getting started.  
We firmly believe this new format will provide a tremendous opportunity for all parties to the Insurance and Benefits decision-making processes to efficiently and cost effectively mitigate risk, meet their needs, and work with in their price-points.

As you visit the websites, we invite you to use the SiteMap to select your Market Sectors and Sections, review the pages, meet you needs, and please assist us by reporting any links that fail or other errors.  Your input is valued!  In addition:

For more Information or to discuss our Inbound Marketing Strategies 
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          CALL PHIL -  216.577.5579



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