Friday, February 17, 2012


MYTH: Insurance and Benefits related Trade Shows drive sales for their exhibitors commensurate with their expectations and overhead costs.
FACT: The thousands and thousands of dollars that it costs to exhibit at a traditional 3-day trade show, costs including travel, lodging, shipping expenses, dining and entertainment, even lost day-to-day professional duties, are rarely justified with a strong financial ROI.

MYTH: Trade Shows, and your exhibit, deliver prospects who are generally self-qualified and ready to commit to your exhibit staff during the 3-day show.
FACT: Traditional 3-day Trade Shows, including your costly exhibit, generally attracts but a very narrow segment of your target market – therefore, these Trade Shows are able to drive but a small ROI at best. Compare that experience to participating in a Year Round’, 365-Day Internet-Based/Inbound Marketing Trade Show having built-in capabilities of attracting the broadest segment of your self-qualified, ready-to-buy target market.

MYTH: ‘Inbound Marketing’, via the multi-dimensional power of the Internet, cannot be counted on to deliver target market prospects, much less self-qualified people for my sales staff.
• The Internet is used by 85% of Brokers, Employers, Employees, and Individuals for their Insurance and Benefits Research/Selection/Contractual/Purchasing processes.
• Without an 'Inbound Marketing’ Strategy alongside your Outbound Marketing’ Strategies your website is nothing more than a ‘billboard in the dessert’(Hubspot) – searchers on the internet will not find your website without first knowing the name of your company!
• and were both developed as 24/7 internet Gateways between internet searchers working to fulfill specific risk protection needs and your business sales staff.


Just like anyone searching the internet for product information would do, your Target Market prospect(s) begin a product information search - on a search engine such as ‘Google’, by using ‘specific words’ to best describe what it is they are looking for. These ‘keywords’ then drive Google to first list out, then link the searcher directly to and/or where then your BenefitPlace Listing’ links to your BPTradeShow Exhibit, which in turn links directly to your Sales Door!

Qualified prospects research your Plans, Programs, and Services enabling them to make educated determinations as to what best meets their needs. They then contact you through your Website and/or Contact Information. You then have the opportunity to convert their interest(s) into a Client!

Value of Traditional Trade Shows.
Traditional 3-day Trade Shows may play an important role in your Overall Marketing Strategy despite their relatively narrow target market audience, very high overhead costs, and questionable ROI.
Value of 24/7 365-Day Virtual Trade Shows.
This new opportunity leverages the combined powers of the Internet, Social Media(s), Search Engines, and SEO, resulting in driving qualified prospects to come ‘knocking at your door’! The ‘new’ marketing norm – Inbound Marketing, is NOW! It is not merely one’s futuristic concept designed to drives sales.
Remaining Competitive:
Companies that depend exclusively on traditional Outbound Marketing’ including cold calling, mail marketing, traditional 3-day Trade Shows several times per year, etc., will lose significant market share in the next 2-5 years due to competitors utilization of more efficient and effective Inbound Marketing’ strategies.
Your Solution:
While it may take a bit if time to get a strong ROI via a campaign of Inbound Marketing’ utilizing and, in general, one case sold through these sites will more than cover the combined cost of both your Exhibit and Listing(s). Do not wait! Marketing strategies today are in constant change along with the marketplace! Let and help you gain a much stronger, more sustained market share by utilizing a dedicated Inbound Marketing’ strategy that leverages the powers of the Internet, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Call: 216.577.5579 and sell space on their marketing websites. They are not in competition with the sale of any insurance and benefits products and/or services.
Currently the Exhibit rates for the 24/7 365-day virtual site have been discounted 50%. They begin now at $2,880 for the entire year and include a ‘free’ Listing.
                                                                                                    Contributed By - Maxine Collin, COO

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