Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We, and, are about to start a series of Discussions on the utilization of Defined Contribution Plans - as they apply to Employee Benefits in General.

Defined Contribution (Def Con), as we will be defining it, is a refined and updated version of what was once referred to as a "Full Flex" Plan and works for Small, Medium, and  Large Employer Groups.  As we will discuss, Def Con can integrate a Credit/Dollar Allocation System; Section 125 and other IRS Codes beneficial to the Employers and Employees; Consumer Driven Health Plans; Wellness; and Employee Choice.

Much like when Def Con was applied to Retirement Plans replacing Defined Benefit Plans, Def Con for benefits in general - including Health Coverage, Dental, Vision, Disability, Voluntary Benefits, etc. - can and will control costs, increase consumerism, and take the Employer out of the benefits decision-making process.  As will be demonstrated, this can be accomplished without a negative impact, real or perceived, to the Employees.

The CFO, HR Departments, and the entire Management Team are positioned and empowered to budget their benefits related expenditures while working with their Brokers and Advisers to build a menu of Benefits that meet their Employee's Needs and Price Points.

These discussions will include the: Pros and Cons;  Financial Ramifications;  Processes for Implementing; and Value to the Employers (especially HR & CFO); Employees; Brokers; TPAs; and more.  It should be noted that the value of Def Con is not directly impacted by Obamacare/PPACA.  In addition, Def Con can assist Brokers in a transition to a partially "Fee Based" model.

We will be sharing these discussions on Google+; our Linkedin Group, Insurance Forum -; ProducersWeb, Insurance Campus and other Social Media.   I invite you to share these discussions with Friends and Associates in the Insurance & Benefits Industries.  Those with experience in implementing a Def Con/Full Flex design are invited to contribute and share!

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