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THANKS FOR YOUR EMAIL!  I hope the following assists you by answering Questions and Concerns about BenefitPlace & BP Trade Show!

OUR MARKETS -- (BP) & BP Trade (BPTS) were designed to assist all parties to the Insurance & Benefits Industry - Carriers, Wholesalers, Brokers, Service Industries, Employers, Individuals, etc!  Given: the economic times; health care reform; and the necessity for Independent Brokers to expand their offerings to attract and retain Employer Clients of all sizes; Carriers like Your Company's Name may have the greatest opportunity to leverage their marketing efforts and dollars!    

HISTORY -- For more than twenty years, I and many of my partners, were deeply involved in the Voluntary/Worksite Marketplace!  Many of the ideas for BP & BPTS developed from our experiences during those days - as well as from a "Think Tank" we co-sponsored in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  primary goal of the "Think Tank" was to develop methods to: Improve Distribution Channels, Shorten Selling Cycles, Reduce Marketing Costs & Increase Revenues!

Executives currently with AIG, American Public Life, Assurity, Colonial, Combined, Key Benefits, Kansas City Life, Legal Plans of America, Liberty Mutual, Transamerica, Nationwide, Unum, Washington National, Abacus, Allstate Worksite, and more participated in the "Think Tank" or related marketing research.  These Individuals and Companies are at various stages in taking advantage of BP & BPTS!  I remain in contact with most of the individuals to gain insights and to monitor the pulse of Industry Sectors

CURRENT STATUS -- Per suggestions from these Individuals, we recently added the Enhanced Listings on BPPlatinum - Gold - Silver!  At $350 annually per Listing most Carriers are immediately taking advantage of this Platinum Level Opportunity!  Within the next week or two, we will be downloading the first batch of Listings!  The listings, at the bottom of each BP Section, ie. Volunary / Worksite, Critical Illness, Short Term Disability, etc. will provide the Companies an opportunity to differentiate themselves and their Plans, Programs & Services!  While I dislike the comparison to the back section of the old Yellow Pages, it is similar (the Yellow Pages are generally a serious waste of Marketing Dollars unless localized!)  The BP listings are where the Carriers are starting immediately to gain exposure through the search engine and social media channels BP has developed!  We not only optimize (SEO) for each page and section of BP, but also for each Individual Carrier's Listing!  Publishing the Listing and the SEO Create the Traffic!  We also expand their, and potentially Your Company's Name, reach by leveraging our Social Media "Footprint" on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Insurance Campus, ProducersWeb, and more!      

NEXT PHASE --In addition to the Listings, we are working with most of these Carriers, and many others in the Voluntary and Core Benefit Sectors - as well as the other Market Sectors - to design their BP Trade Show participation and to place selective advertising on both BP & BPTS.

BP Trade Show is a 24/7 virtual trade show focused on the Benefits & Insurance Industries!  From the comfort of their offices or homes, the Independent Brokers, and others, can utilize the power of the internet to search and research the Plans, Programs, & Services they require to meet their current and potential Client's needs - as well as to enhance their shrinking core benefit commissions!  Carriers like Your Company's name are enabled to feature and differentiate their Plans, Programs, and Services on BPTS.  BP Trade Show is far less expensive on an annual basis than a booth at a traditional 3 day trade show!  While BPTS is new, and we have only begun the process of soliciting Exhibitors, BP Trade Showcombined with BenefitPlace, will be the driving force for Inbound Marketing within the Insurance & Benefits Industries!

CALL TO ACTION -- I hope the above helped to answer your questions!  While I will try to give you a call to further the discussion, I encourage you to reply or call with additional questions and for information on Getting Started!  
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BenefitPlace hopes you will use this forum to respond to posted comments and share your ideas, questions and expertise related to the overall Employee Benefits and Individual insurance marketplace. Thanks for joining us!