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BENEFITPLACE -- All About Insurance, Benefits & Related Services

BENEFITPLACE -- All About Insurance, Benefits & Related Services


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QUOTE OF THE DAY!  "Success is really about being ready for the good opportunities that come before you.  It's not to have a detailed plan of everything that you're going to do.  You can't plan innovation or inspiration, but you can be ready for it, and when you see it, you can jump on it."  Eric Schmidt - Executive Chairman of Google

The Founding Company of (BP) and BP Trade (BPTS) is Vesta Ltd.  For many years Vesta worked with Brokers and Employers to design, co-ordinate, and implement Core and Voluntary Benefit Strategies for Employer Groups.  The vast majority of our time in the yearly 4th Quarters was spent on the Education, Communication, Enrollment and Data Management Processes. We were maximizing our client services and revenues!  It seemed that every year we - and the Brokers with whom we worked - faced a recurring dilemma!

THE DILEMMA - While we were extremely busy and made a high percentage of our annual revenues in the 4th Quarter of a year, we had little or no time to prospect or meet with potential clients in preparation for a successful 1st Quarter of the following year!  Invariably, the 1st and 2nd Quarter was spent scrambling for new business.  These months were slow in terms of generating revenues!  During those years, we were unable to find a viable solution to this dilemma!

A SOLUTION: "INBOUND MARKETING" - With the development of the Internet, Search Engines, Social Media, SEO, etc. it is now possible to plant the seeds of production during the 4th Quarter and harvest the reward in the 1st and 2nd Quarters of the following year!  An Inbound Marketing Strategy takes time to develop and generate traffic - you must first build trust and then add value! Your goal is to:

  • Become Visible to the Internet World
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website
  • Attract Inbox Email
  • Attract Incoming Phone Calls
  • Have Potential Clients "Knocking On Your Door"!
  • Make Sales

A PROBLEM - Unfortunately, this Inbound Strategy can put more demands on your time if done internally.  In addition, when an individual Organization attempts to promote itself utilizing the Internet and Social Media, the efforts often seem self-serving! The potential clients involved in a search on the internet for Plans, Programs and/or Services become skeptical!  Generally in the initial stages of a search, they are looking for information and unbiased input.  While they are self-qualifying themselves as interested in a specific Plan, Program or Service, they are not ready to read an Insurance Company's, Broker's, Agent's or Sales Person's Story!  They are not ready to begin the "Selling/Buying Process"!
A SOLUTION - Benefit and BP Trade offer a two pronged viable, efficient and cost-effective set of solutions for the Insurance and Benefits Industries: Insurance Companies, Brokers, Agents, Consultants and all of the Service Related Companies, ie. TPAs, Enrollment Companies, etc! (BP) is an Information and Research Center providing Employers and Individuals an opportunity to learn more about Plans, Programs and Services related to the Insurances and Benefits Industries from the comfort of their office or home!  For each specific market sector's section, web page, BP provides "Directory Listings" to assist the Organization, Employer or Individual in finding the "Providers" of the specific Plan, Program or Service.  At the different "Listing Levels" - Platinum - Gold - Silver - the "Providers" are given an opportunity to highlight what differentiates their Company and provide Contact Information including Links !  The Specific Sections, and each Listing, are "Optimized" to gain page positioning on the "Search Engines", ie. Google, Bing, etc.

BP Trade (BPTS) is a 24/7 Virtual Trade Show focused on the Insurance and Benefits Industries!  Having completed their research on - or having been sent directly to BPTS by the "Search Engines" - the Organizations, Employers or Individuals are enabled by BPTS to:
  • Utilize Directories!
  • Review Company Profile Pages (Equivalent to a Booth)!
  • Review Plan, Program, or Service Profile Pages (Equivalent to Brochures)!
  • View and Listen to Avatars and Videos Speaking for the Provider (Equivalent to your Representative)!
  • Preview Plan, Program or Service Roll-Outs and Launches! 
  • Join in Webinars!
  • Contact the Provider!
Working separately and together, BP and BPTS offer Providers of Plans, Programs and Services an opportunity to Inform and Build Trust through an unbiased set of Web Pages with "Self-Qualifyingpotential Buyers and Clients!  More important BP and BPTS begin an ever increasing flow of Inbound Potential Prospects and Clients to your door when you need it the most.  

CALL TO ACTION - While you are "Closing" business in the 4th Quarter, and BP Trade can plant the seeds to provide you an abundant harvest in the 1st, 2nd Quarter and Beyond!  For More Information, Ask Questions, or Get Started -- Email: or Call: 216.921.1583 


BenefitPlace hopes you will use this forum to respond to posted comments and share your ideas, questions and expertise related to the overall Employee Benefits and Individual insurance marketplace. Thanks for joining us!