Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Recently we at BenefitPlace (.biz) & BP Trade Show (.com) had the opportunity to review a discussion on Linkedin submitted by Jason Ream of OperationPTSD titled:

"Leads, what a joke.  How many of you have thrown lead money down a rathole?  Better yet how many of you are the one's making money off all these BS leads?  4Q insurance business!"

Having been in the Insurance & Benefits Industries for over 25 years, we have utilized almost every methodology for building a list of qualified prospects, including: purchasing lists, list building, cold calling, traditional trade shows, advertising, call centers!  For the most part all of these methods were ineffective, time-consuming and expensive!  Unfortunately, until recently, there were few viable alternatives!

The development and maturation of the internet and social media have changed the opportunities and leveled playing fields!  Studying and utilizing input from HubSpot, a Cambridge, MA marketing company, we realized the power of "Inbound Marketing" versus the traditional "Outbound Marketing" methodologies of the past!  Inbound Marketing, also referred to as "Demand Generation Marketing", quite simply is the utilization of the Internet, Search Engines, and Social Media - with a consistent focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - to bring Organizations & Individuals to your door rather than your knocking on their door!  As parties utilize the internet to research their questions and needs for Insurance & Benefits related Products, Programs, & Services, they continually qualify themselves.  As they continue their research and land on BenefitPlace (.biz), BP Trade Show, or your Website they become a well-qualified prospect and potential buyer!

While "Inbound Marketing" does not totally replace the need for more traditional marketing methodologies, it represents a powerful, efficient, and cost-effective set of tools for building an ever-increasing list of qualified prospects!  

We created BenefitPlace (.biz) and BP Trade Show (.com) to assist the Providers of Products, Programs, & Services in the Insurance & Benefits Industries and Potential Buyers an efficient and cost-effective portal!  Our mission is to "Shorten Selling & Buying Cycles", Reduce Marketing Costs, & Increase Revenues!  We assist in bringing the parties together in this large and often dysfunctional marketplace.  For more information Email: max@benefitplace.biz!




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