Sunday, November 20, 2011


Quote for this Week & Beyond!

“Gratitude [Thanksgiving] makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
—Melody Beattie

As we at, prepare to enjoy Thanksgiving, I believe it is of Tremendous Value to reflect on the Past, Bringing Peace to the Future, and to Create a Vision for Tomorrow! 

The Past - We, and many of our Friends in the Insurance and Benefits Industries, have been blessed with the Opportunity to: Help Others; Minimize Risk from Unforeseen Events; Make Numerous Friends; Care for our Families; and Produce an Honest and Rewarding Living!

Bringing Peace For Today - As we approach each day - and every Decision - our Goal is to bring Peace to the Lives of Others!  Whether for our Clients, their Clients, Employers, Employees, or Individuals, we feel a Tremendous Obligation to make Life Better for those we touch!  In a World filled with Need, we are Blessed to be able to Do our Part!

Creating a Vision for Tomorrow - We are Blessed to have the Strength and Capacity to Contribute to a Better Future for our: Families, Friends, Clients, Acquaintances, Insurance and Benefits Industries, Communities and the World in General!

Wow!  What a Challenge!  If this Year and Beyond we all focused on: 
  • Forgiving those Who may Have Injured Us in the Past!
  • Contributing to Our Communities Within Our Limits!
  • Making Life for Others More Fulfilling - On a One-by-One Basis!
  • Providing Encouragement to those with whom we work!
  • Making at Least a Few People Smile Every Day!
  • Taking Better Care of our own Minds and Bodies!
  • Taking Better Care of this Beautiful Earth we all Share!
The Future will be a Blessing to which we made a Significant Contribution!

May this Thanksgiving Bring Joy and Peace for All!          

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