Monday, January 31, 2011


While we at BenefitPlace (.biz) & BP Trade Show (.com) firmly believe that some form of Health Care Insurance Reform must be implemented to provide for uninsured Americans - those who do not have the capacity to purchase coverage, we also believe that a major issue is being missed!

With or without Health Care Reform, rates will continue to rise as many long Americans remain dedicated to over eating & smoking!  Individuals, Employers & Employees must take responsibility!  Federal, State, and Local government entities can play a role in influencing behavior. 

Obesity & Smoking are the two major contributing factors to our high cost of chronic illness!   Poor & deteriorating rankings worldwide for life expectancy are as appalling as our deteriorating educational system.  If Obama so respected President Kennedy's initiatives, he, and his administration, might want to spend a little more time inspiring the American public to take wellness seriously! 

In June, BenefitPlace (.biz) & BP Trade Show (.com) will focus on wellness to coincide with National Employee Wellness Month! This could be a target month for Obama, and his administration, to begin addressing this national crisis!  Possibly his initiatives could have a "trickle down" effect to the State & Local levels.

We are reaching-out to all interested parties to assist BenefitPlace & BP Trade Show in spearheading this initiative!  If you have ideas, or would like to assist , please email - or call - 216.921.1583!    

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