Monday, January 17, 2011


Benefitplace is a growing internet based Insurance & Benefits related Research Center.  The website pages are designed to provide information about the complexities of Health & Life, Benefits, and the Property & Casualty Insurance Markets.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) directs those with questions, ie. Brokers, Agents, Consultants, Employers, Individuals, etc. who begin a search to the appropriate BenefitPlace website page.

Following the information provided about the industry sectors, and types of insurance, BenefitPlace provides a Listing of the Companies in those markets with links to their websites and phone numbers!  These listings are provided to vendors at no cost -Free!

In the near term we will be segmenting the listings by City and State to better assist visitors to BenefitPlace with quality information to answer their questions and concerns but also to direct them to the to Companies in their area that may be able to assist them in meeting needs!  We encourage Companies to email us with their information!  The email address is -

Our sister Company, BP Trade Show, is a 24/7 virtual Trade Show serving the Insurance & Benefits Industries!

Visitors to the Trade Show enter at no cost and the Exhibitors purchase:
  • Directory Listings
  • Company Profile Pages (much like a traditional trade show booth)  
  • Plan Profile Pages (much like the brochures that would be distributed) 
  • Avatars or video to better tell their story (much like having a Company Representative) 
  • Advertising on the pages appropriate to the Company's market sectors 
BenefitPlace & BP Trade Show have been designed to work together to "Shorten Selling Cycles", Reduce Marketing Costs and Drive Revenues for those offering Plans, Programs and Services to the Insurance & Benefits Industries.  Taking advantrage of Search Engines and SEO, we drive qualified buyers to those who can meet the needs of Potential Clients - Inbound Marketing!

Please contact BP Trade Show for a Free Inbound Marketing Analysis!  In addition, we are offering a General Exhibitor Listing for $80 for the first year - this is a $360 value!

For more information: Call 216.921.1583 or Email:

Have a Healthy, Prosperous & Profitable New Year!

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