Thursday, May 6, 2010

BENEFITPLACE & BP TRADE SHOW - Shorten Your Selling Cycles - From Prospect to Client

WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?  --  How can sellers and buyers of Plans, Programs, and Services cost-effectively access the Insurance & Benefits Marketplace to "Shorten the Selling and Buying Cycles"?  
In this Blog Post, and throughout the next weeks, working with Vesta WorksiteVesta h&l, and Vesta p&c, our goal will be to explain BP & TS and optimize your opportunities in taking Insurance and Benefits Decision-Makers from the research phase to becoming informed buyers. was created to serve as a free & unbiased Research Center for those involved in the Insurance and Benefits processes to gain a greater understanding of the complex and often integrated Plans, Programs, and Services.    Information about these Plans, Programs, and Services are generally unaccessible without costs, expertise, and time consuming research. will provide general information about two specific Industry Sectors:

  • Health & Life (H&L) Insurance Plans - Group, Voluntary/Worksite, and Individual
  • Property & Casualty (P&C) - with its Complex Sectors 
In addition, has built, and will continue to expand, lists of Plan, Program and Service providers and differentiate them by their areas of expertise.  As a service to those doing the research and the providing entities, we have provided links to the specific websites of providers.

Throughout the research process, visitors to will be invited to visit the BP Trade Show to gain greater information about specific providers of Plans, Programs, and Services of those who are Exhibitors at the permanent Trade Show!  At this point in the process our goal is to convert the Decision-Maker into the Potential Client - A Qualified Prospect!  Armed with the information gained at the Research Center, the Decision-Makers will enabled to select the Plans, Programs, and/or Services they require to meet specific and defined needs.

BP Trade Show has just begun the process of reaching out to Exhibitors for:

  • Company Directory Listings
  • Plan, Program & Service Listings
  • Company Profile Pages
  • Plan,, Program Service Profile Page Listings
  • Landing Pages, & Landing Page Design, to promote specific Plans, Programs & Services and convert researchers into buyers.
We encourage providers of Insurance and Benefits related Plans, Programs, and Services to click below for access to the Trade Shows Home Pages that explain your opportunities:

Call to Action!  Please assist BenefitPlace in developing BP Trade Show into the primary hub for connecting Insurance & Benefits providers of Plans, Programs, & Services and the Decision-Makers - Employers, Employees, and Individuals.  Your Steps:

  1. Click on topics above to learn more!
  2. Contact BP Trade Show for more information or call 216.921.1583!
  3. Become an Exhibitor - Direct traffic to your plans, programs, and Services to convert them into buyers!
  4. Drive Sales & Revenues at Reduced Costs!
  5. Our Grand Opening Discount - Take Advantage of Savings!
In our next Blog Posting will discuss "Optimizing your positioning in BenefitPlace and BP Trade Show with Social Media!".  Have a Great Week!


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