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Entertaining Clients? - We reviewed an online provider of quality Steaks, Chops, Seafood and Desserts! Make an Impression!!

Great Steaks, Chops, Seafood & Desserts? Reviews of the Chicago Steak Company - What they say about their own Company & Mission, "At Chicago Steak Company we dedicate ourselves to the
Great Steaks, Chops, Seafood & Desserts from Chicago Steak Company
highest quality of service. It is with a sense of warmth, pride, and commitment that we sell and Deliver the World's Finest Beef, Seafood, and Desserts." 

To see what their customers had to say, we went to TrustedPilot - they provide excellent end user reviews. Almost across the board, the reviews were very positive - here are two:
Alex wrote - "This is what quality should be like. Totally impressed with the quality. Even the packaging for shipment was superior to the competition."

Rosemary wrote - "Best steak of our lives. Actually, it was my husband's birthday and we had the huge wonderful fillets ...he said that the steak was the best ever!! They were so delicious, huge & flavorful! Thanks & we will be repeat customers!!”
See the Classic Prime Assortment fro Chicago Steak Company!

Overall, the reviews were excellent! I'm definitely going to place an order and start-up my new grill to begin enjoying the warmer weather, the summer months and the taste of Great Steaks and Burgers!

If your in the market for a new grill, please visit our review of two grills - one gas and one charcoal! 

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Shop with - Your Online, Outlet Shopping Mall!

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Its Time To Show Your Pride & Allegiance to the USA! Fly a Flag Made In America!

Fly an American Flag - Show Your Pride!
Its Time To Show Your Pride in Being An American!
Below is a review of -- Here is what they have to say for themselves!
Here's Jamie Hunt's Review - Posted on ResellerRatings
"I chose this flag because of its reported durability for outdoor use and it's price. I am very pleased with how it looks on the flag pole and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a standard-size flag.
See Your Choices and Order Now - Save up to 30% on flags and flagpoles
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Can the Insurance and Financial Services Industries Profit from Engaging in Internet, Inbound Marketing with

                                               QUICK ANSWER: YES!!
ANY Industry offering a Product, Plan, or Service--
including the Insurance and Financial Services Industries--
can profit from working with!

What IS is an Online, Outlet Shopping Mall with over 1,000 Affiliate Storefronts offering Favorable Prices for a Vast Array of Products and Services. Shoppers can meet their Personal, Family, Gifting or Business needs wherever they have access to the home, at work, or on the go! is your online,outlet shopping mall!

The shopping site experience is divided into 24 global Industry Sections with 8 Subsets; two of those Sections are devoted to the Insurance and Financial Services Industries.

How about a Little History? The co-founders, Maxine Collin & Philip Eide share over 60 years of experience in the Insurance & Financial Services Industries. Their entrepreneurial bent put them at the forefront of innovative and profitable industry initiatives including the introduction of  Voluntary Benefits and a shift to Defined Contribution Plan Design for the entire menu of Employer/Employee Benefit Choices.

For the better part of the past ten years, the co-founders were also focused on shifting Insurance & Financial Services industries to Inbound Marketing -- a more efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy than traditional Outbound Marketing. The realization that Inbound Marketing strategies could benefit all industries which market Products and Services lead them to create together Sellers and Buyers in an efficient, online marketplace.

How can the Insurance and Financial Services Industries make the Best Use of an Affiliate Relationship with ExclusivePurchases? As mentioned above, the co-founders dedicated two specific sections of the website to the Insurance & Financial Services Industries which related Companies can utilize to expand their markets - (1) Business Solutions and (2) Insurance Related.

Both of these Sections provide an opportunity for internet storefront companies -- called our "Affiliates" -- to spotlight their Products, Plans or Services with a picture/logo and a brief description which are linked to their Website or Landing Page. To drive potential buyers to find the Products, Plans or Services a Shopper needs, the Management and Staff optimize the Business Solutions and Insurance Related Sections to
Inbound Marketing creates efficiency and cost-savings!
best utilize the power of the internet and search engines. Further, leverages the broad reach of Social/Business Media to capture potential Buyers/Clients who are using the internet to search for what they need. This is Inbound Marketing!

Questions about working with on an Affiliate Basis
     1) What is the Up-Front Cost To Become Listed? There is no up-front cost.
     2) How is Compensated? Compensation is predicated on a Pay-Per-Sale or Pay-Per-Call basis. The percentage or flat-rate compensation and timing of payment will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
     3) What are the Responsibilities of an Affiliate? To become an Affiliate and promote your Company's Products, Plans, and/or Services, your Marketing Department must develop and provide with a Tracking System for registering all Shopper Traffic created from visitors to the website or related promotions of to your Website, Landing Page, and/or Call Center.  First Note: A tracking methodology enables the Affiliate to accumulate sales data as well as to compensate on a Pay-Per-Sale or Pay-Per-Call basis as negotiated at the outset of the business arrangement between the two parties. Second Note: To reduce the hassle, can provide several excellent, cost-effective choices of Tracking Companies from which to choose.

4) What Promotional Materials Must the Affiliates Provide? The Affiliate will provide with linked and trackable, updated advertising material - often in the form of "Banners" --a clickable (hyperlinked) advertising graphic which is the most common type of web advertisement. Banners are scalable graphics of all shapes and sizes containing the copy describing your Product, Plan, or Service.

What's Next? -- Your Call To Action-- As part of the Insurance and Financial Services Industries you must determine if you are prepared to dedicate your Company to a partial shift from traditional Outbound to Inbound Marketing. This will require a paradigm shift (not a replacement) of usual marketing norms such as: cold calling, mass mailings, expensive advertising, etc. To achieve success & mutual profit will require working together -- creating mutually agreed-upon objectives including scheduled publishing schedules and follow-up!

If your Company has decided to seriously implement an ongoing, online, inbound marketing program with a committed dedication to its marketing goals and the required, timely follow-through, please contact Phil at to discuss how our Affiliate program will benefit your Company and its bottom line.

Contact Information:
Philip W. Eide (Phil)
Mobile - 216.577.5579 -- 
(If your call goes to Message, please leave you best Phone Number and Time for a Call-Back.
I look forward to catching up with you!)

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Private Placements - Check Out This Offering!

What is a Private Placement - An explanation.
Following the announcement of a Private Placement offering - information can be found at -- -- and the changes in SEC rules to make it possible, we received an incredible number of questions about Private Placements and our Opportunity.

What is a Private Placement? -- In this Blog I will provide information about Private Placements and point-out the advantages and disadvantages for potential investors. 

In a Linkedin post by Eric Ogi titled "Private Placement of Securities" on Oct. 30, 2015, he wrote "Private placement occurs when a company makes an offering of securities to an individual or a small group of investors. Since such an offering does not qualify as a public sale of securities, it does not need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is exempt from the usual reporting requirements. Private placements are generally considered a cost-effective way for small businesses to raise capital without "going public" through an initial public offering (IPO)." 

Mr. Ogi went on to write, "A private placement may also enable a small business owner to hand-pick investors with compatible goals and interests. Since the investors are likely to be sophisticated business people, it may be possible for the company to structure more complex and confidential transactions. If the investors are themselves entrepreneurs, they may be able to offer valuable assistance to the company's management. Finally, unlike public stock offerings, private placements enable small businesses to maintain their private status." 

For the most part, the above information describes the reasons we at decided to utilize a Private Placement. As with any investment, there are Pros & Cons to be considered. In terms of the offering, we intend to be transparent and provide potential investors and investors ongoing information about the status of in the marketplace.

Advantages of a Private Placement -- While the above points-out some of the advantages, Investopedia adds the following: 
     1)  A  limited Number of Regulatory Requirements -- When a company decides to issue shares of an initial public offering - rather than a Private Placement, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires the company to meet a lengthy list of requirements. 
     2)  Saved Cost and Time -- Equity financing deals such as initial public offerings and venture capital often take time to configure and finalize.
     3)  Private Means Private -- The company's ability to remain a private company. The exemption under Regulation D allows companies to raise capital while keeping financial records private instead of disclosing information each quarter to the buying public.

Disadvantages of a Private Placement -- Investopedia goes on to point-out the following disadvantages:
     1)  Potential Loss of Capital - While risk is inherent to any investment, "Private placements are companies offering securities in non-public offerings that are not required to comply with the registration requirements of federal securities laws. Most companies offering private placements rely on Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 to claim exemption from the registration requirements."
     2) Limited Information Available About The Issuing Company - "Information has not been reviewed by any regulatory agency."
     3) The Securities Are Not Liquid - "Since the securities are not publicly traded, investors may be forced to hold the securities for a long time if they are not able to find a suitable buyer for the securities."
See what's next and what you need to know about the's Private Placement!

What's Next? - I hope the above has provided some insights into Private Placements! As we prepared the business plan/pitch deck for the offering, we provided substantial information to assist potential investors in evaluating the investment and the risk. We also encourage those who are reviewing the Private Placement to contact us with any questions. Questions should be directed to Phil - 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Four Online Shopping Pages To Save Your Business Time & Money!

Business Shopping Online - Online Shopping is not just for Individual Consumers looking for Convenience & Savings! It's an efficient and cost-effective way for Businesses of all sizes to meet their needs and save, including: Office Supplies, Technology & Computers, Client Gifts and more.
Shop online for your business needs!

Where To Shop Online allocates three specific sections to Business Shoppers:
1) Business Gifts - The perfect destination finding gifts for Employees, Clients and others
2) Business Solutions - Meet your business needs from the convenience of your office and enjoy the savings.
3) Computers & Software - Find great deals on the finest of name brand and specialty technologies.
4) Technology & Computer Supplies - Meet your offices technology and computer supply needs at great prices.
Save money for your business by shopping online!
Why Shop Online - These are some of the Reasons for you to meet your Business Needs Online: Save Time, Save Fuel, Comparison Shop, No Hassles, Save Money!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Product & Service Review Site is Underway! - The Sister Site of BenefitPLace - is pleased to introduce its new Blog featuring reviews of Products and Services! While we will be doing some of these reviews ourselves, we welcome your input. Please email you reviews to Thanks!
We will be reviewing Insurance Related Programs, Products and Sevices. Please send your input to! The following is a review of the Tens Unit produced by HealthmateForever - It worked Great! Having suffered from Back Pain (Stenosis) for years - (Finally leading to surgery) - as well as knee and shoulder pain having been a gymnast, I had just about given-up on finding relief from nearly constant pain! Then came my Tens Unit made by HealthmateForever - Model Tens & PMS HM8ML! As the ultimate skeptic, I began a long and laborious process of trying to debunk the small units ability to help my back, knee and shoulder pain. What I discovered was almost unanimous agreement that the Tens Unit helped many people! I am one of those folks who found relief!! Looking for the best price I searched through, clicked through to the Amazon site and made the leap of fate spending $49.99 with Free Shipping! I also bought the extra pads that I know I will use though they seem very durable. When it arrived two weeks ago, I found it simple to use and extremely effective! They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - I'm more than satisfied!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

What The SEC, Wall Street & The Banks Didn't Want You To Know!

Investing with the Big Boys – Why do the Select Few Keep Getting Richer? They Can't Stop You Now!  

What can You do??? You can now break the chains that the SEC, Wall Street and Banks have had on your Investments! They've been keeping Opportunities for themselves and favored clients. Take a look at one such Opportunity below or ClickHere!

What are the Facts? Did you know that for years the SEC, Wall Street and Banks have controlled the investment Opportunities you were allowed to be exposed to, review and Invest? Finally rules have changed. Unfortunately, many potential investors like you, and the people and organizations offering these Opportunities, are not aware of these ground breaking changes!

According to Forbes / Investing March 11, 2015  Michael Raneri- Contributor Managing Director PwC (FinTechAdvisory):

"The rules of private placements have changed, yet many issuers are still mainly operating by the old playbook, leaving valuable options on the table."
"It's been more than a year since the JOBS Act created Rule 506(c) of SEC Regulation D, allowing private placement issuers to use “general solicitation” to raise money from qualified investors."
What do the Markets need to do? Hopefully, in the near term, more and more entrepreneurs and business owners will start to reach-out to the vast pool of qualified potential Investors to fund their Opportunities!
What should You do? It will be up to you to create methodologies for evaluating your risk thresholds and the appropriateness of the Opportunities for your planning and portfolio.
Here is an Exciting, Evolutionary Opportunity for You to Review:, an Online, Outlet Shopping Mall, is taking advantage of these Private Placement changes to reach out to you with a timely, and potentially very profitable, Investment! This Opportunity is a Private Placement 1st Round Expansion Financing.
Here are the basics of the Opportunity: is offering
35 Investment Units / 40% Ownership in an LLC
to be named "ExclusivePurchases, LLC"
Total Being Raised: $700,000
Unit Cost: $20,000
The Goal of the Founders is to form an Investor Group
which shares our Management Team's passion
for participating in the evolution of an
Up and Running, Unique, Online, Outlet Shopping Mall,

Operating in an ever-growing market and
utilizing a business model
which overcomes the costly platforms of its few competitors, more efficiently, cost-effectively, and profitably serves
Shoppers, Retailers, Service Companies,
and the Brick & Mortar Developers of Strip Centers and Shopping Malls. is seeking 1st Round Expansion Financing to dramatically improve its technology and marketing capacities
to match and surpass the current
consumer and business shopping industry standards.

Want to review the Business Plan / Investment Summary? ClickHere
If you have questions or would like additional information, contact us to discuss the Opportunity and your potential Investment:
Call Phil – 216.577.5579

(If our lines are busy, please leave a message with your name, the best time to reach you and your best mobile/phone number. We will return your call within 24 hours.)


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