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Traditional Insurance & Benefit Marketing/Sales Strategies are Dying! Are You?

A Must Read For Surviving in the Insurance and Benefits Marketing Arena!
The death of traditional Outbound Marketing
Article SectionsThe Death of the Marketer / Salesman & Traditional Outbound Marketing Strategies! -- 7 Survival Questions You Should Be Asking – 5 Ways To Move Fast Forward! Ways To Get Started! (These apply to H&L, P&C, Voluntary/Worksite and Related Services) Conclusion!   See - The Sections Below -- 

The Death of the Marketer/Salesman & Traditional Outbound Marketing Strategies! According to the Harvard Business Review (Bill Lee) , “Traditional marketing — including advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications — is dead. Many people in traditional marketing roles and organizations may not realize they’re operating within a dead paradigm. But they are. The evidence is clear.” The alternative is Inbound Marketing and Relationship Management! Mr. Lee points out 3 main reasons:
1. “...traditional marketing communications just aren't relevant. Buyers are checking out product and service information in their own way, often through the Internet...”
2.CEOs have lost all patience...72% are tired of being asked for money without explaining how it will generate increased business.”
3. “ today’s increasingly social media-infused environment, traditional marketing and sales not only doesn't work so well, it doesn't make sense.”

Survival depends on asking the right questions about your Insurance and Benefits Marketing
7 Survival Questions You Should Be Asking -- Have You – or Your Staff - Asked Any of These Questions?
First - Am I getting a good ROI on my marketing/advertising/sales dollars?
Second - Is cold calling merely irritating potential clients?
Third - Are buying lists and using call centers still effective?
Forth - Are my producers better at prospecting or closing?
Fifth - How can I get my Plans, Programs, and or Services quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to the market and in the hands of qualified, potential buyers?
Sixth - If traditional outbound marketing strategies aren't working, how do I shift to Inbound Marketing? – How can I get started without wasting, time, money, or hiring new staff?
Seventh - How can I leverage the Power of the Internet, Search Engines, Social/Business Media, and SEO?
Here's An Idea - Mike Volpe of HubSpot suggests, “Start by making a commitment to inbound marketing. Stop the madness of coming up with an entirely new theme and creative concept every three months. Start having a long-term view of your brand, message, and voice -- and what value your company can add to your industry. Stop blasting and interrupting people with advertisements about you. Start being helpful and interesting. Start listening. Start communicating. Start publishing. Stop advertising. Start marketing.”

5 Ways To Move Fast Forward - 
(1) Understand, Get Started, and Ramp-Up Your Inbound Marketing! We'll use Wikipdia's
Ways for the Insurance and Benefits Industries to move forward in the new age of Inbound marketing!
definition of Inbound Marketing as, activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospect's attention.Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws customers...”
(2) Unchain Your Producers from the Shackles of Cold Calling and shift them to working with Qualified Prospects that come to you through Inbound Marketing Strategies!
(3) Evaluate Your Traditional Marketing and Advertising for the ROI! Cut the Wasted Spending! Re-allocate the Dollars!
(4) Allocate Part of Your Marketing/Sales/Advertising Budget to Inbound Marketing Strategies – They are efficient and cost-effective!
(5) Commit to Leveraging the Power of the Internet, Search Engines, Social/Business Media, and SEO for the Long-Haul! The question is not whether Inbound Marketing is here to stay -- It is whether you are?

5 Ways to get started with Inbound Marketing!
4 Ways To Get Started with an Ongoing Inbound Marketing Strategy! (These apply to H&L, P&C, Voluntary/Worksite and Related Services) -- Have Self-Qualified Prospects knocking at your doors! Your job is to Convert them into a Buyer/Client! 
Take a Look at the following Opportunities:

A. Get Listed on Social/Business Media -- An Insurance and Benefits related Social Media distribution channel that reaches out to 1000s of your potential clients (Like a National Yellow Pages!). 3 separate listings on your Market Sector Pages – Current Special Price - Pay $35 for the Year. Learn more at:

B. Become an Inbound Marketing Exhibitor for 3 months -- Reach 1000s of visitors who are searching for your Plans, Programs, and/or Services. The virtual tradeshow -- 4 Exhibit Booth Pages, plus Landing Page; 6 Listings; 6 Display Ads: More Market Exposure. Reach You Targeted Markets– Pay $144 for a 3-Month Trial. Learn more at:

C, Become an Inbound Marketing Exhibitor for 1 year -- Reach your Targeted Markets on a sustained, flexible, ongoing basis! Pay $288 for the YEAR! Learn more at:

D. Enlist Your Mega B2B Inbound Marketing Ongoing Strategy Pay $1525 for a 3mos Special – Campaigns include: 5 Booth Pages on BPTradeShow -- Plus Landing Page, 6 Listings on Sections, 6 Display Ads on Appropriate Pages, Distribution of Content on Business Media Channels, Distribution of Content on Social Business Media Channels, Consultation on Landing Pages and SEO Utilization. Get more Information:

Conclusion -- It's time - there is time - to make changes to your Marketing & Sales Strategies! There is time to re-allocate the spending of your Marketing Dollars! Your Company and Brand do not need to perish with the the Death of the Marketer/Salesman & Traditional Outbound Marketing Strategies! For more information --  Contact Phil - or Call 216.577.5579

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5 Tips For The Insurance and Employee Benefit Industries - How To Stay In Business!

5 "How To" Tips for Keeping Your Business Going! 
5 Tips for Insurance & Benefit Marketing
  1. Cost Effectively Reach Your Targeted Markets - Shift to Inbound Marketing! (See details below)
  2. Brand Your Organization & Your Plans, Programs, and Services (See details below)  
  3. Offer Plans, Programs, & Services to Employees and Individuals to meet their Personal and Family Needs! (See details below)
  4. Promote your Plans, Programs, and/or Services - Get an ROI on Your Time & Money! (See details below) 
  5. Better Educate, Communicate, Enroll, and Manage Data (See details below) 
         Here's How To Do The Above!

About Inbound Marketng1) Cost Effectively Reach Your Targeted Markets - Shift to
Inbound Marketing! It's like magic! You can Leverage the Power of the Internet, Search Engines, Social/Business Media & SEO. For as little as $35 per year you can get started! Have potential Clients Knocking At Your Door! -- For 3 Specials Click Here! As marketing Guru Guy Kawasaki stated, "If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing."

About Branding & Marketing2) Brand Your Organization & Your Plans, Programs, and Services - What is Branding? As Entrepreneur Magazine points out, "Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from that of your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be". Click Here to see how a Specially Priced Mega B2B Marketing Package is a Fast Start to your Branding Needs.    
The Insurance & Benefit Choice Puzzle
  3) Offer Plans, Programs, & Services to Employers, Employees and Individuals to meet their Personal and Family needs! Over the past years, a wide variety of options have been made available by Carriers/Providers that offer affordable choices to Employees and Individuals to protect their Health, Lifestyles, and Savings for the future. While many in the Insurance and Benefit Industries tended to focus on specific market sectors, ie. Health Coverage, Life Insurance, Voluntary/Worksite Plans, LTCI, Annuities, Property and Casualty, etc. Employees and Individuals are now demanding more personalized choices. Here are four interesting options to help meet the needs of Employers, Employees, and Individuals: 

First -- A unique Self-Funding Plan Design (By a Lloyd's Company) - for smaller to larger Employers - that is certified to be 100% Affordable Care Act compliant -- All for about $100 per Employee per month. The Plan Design is perfect for PEOs, Hospitals, Home Care Companies, Construction Companies, Hotels, Restaurants and many other Groups! Find Out More!!
Second -- A Set of Dental Plans that can save between 15 - 60% on Dental Work! Remember - There is a clear connection between poor oral health and things like heart disease, stroke, and some forms of cancer. For more information Click Here!
ThirdA set of high quality Identity Theft Plans to help protect and restore your identity. Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. One Plan provides standard identity monitoring and the the other has more comprehensive monitoring. Best of all, both services provide Comprehensive Identity Restoration from Kroll! For more Information Click Here
Forth -- A Pet Plan to provide simple, affordable access to quality veterinary care. This is not a costly, monthly Insurance Premium Plan. This is a Deep Discount plan! Pet owners can take their pets to a local veterinarian they trust and receive what is often unaffordable care. Click HereTo Find Out More!

4) Promote Your Plans, Programs, and/or Services - Unfortunately, most websites and
About Insurance & Benefits Marketing & Distribution
Landing Pages are "Billboards in the Desert"! Can you be seen & found? You need to cost-effectively and efficiently reach your Targeted Markets! Potential Clients need to see and find you! As with Real Estate it is location-location-location, Insurance & Benefit sales are about people knowing who you are and what you offer. The internet is the Freeway leading to your doors! Get an ROI for Your Time & Money! Click To Review this Special Limited Time Offer!

The Insurance & Benefits Education, Communication, Enrollment and Data Management Process
5) Better Educate, Communicate, Enroll, and Manage Data - A well designed plan for educating Employees and Individuals - combined with a clear Communication Strategy - tailored to the needs of the audience and the Employer’s plan, enhances participation and reduces calls to you and an Employer's staff! Data Management insures that all parties to the Insurance and Benefits process are on the same page and reduces unnecessary delays and costs! Interested in finding a better way - Click Here

Employers, Employees and Individuals are searching for Strategies and Solutions for their Concerns and Questions. They are trying to meet their own specific needs. Will they find you?

The Time is Right -- This is the time for you to Act, Be Found, Build Your Client Base, and Increase Your Revenues! Potential Clients will be Knocking on your Doors!! 

Staying in Business Requires Being a Step Ahead of Your Competition!!! 

For more information about the above --
         -or Call 216.577.5579 (Ask for Phil)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Crisis In Affordable Access to Dental Care & Coverage!

Our Concern About Dental Care For Americans -- While in my previous blog I mentioned the lack of healthcare protection for our pets – See Pet Care – we at are even more concerned about the deteriorating status of dental care for Americans. 

Impact of Obamacare/PACA - While Obamacare/PPACA has attempted to address the need for healthcare, it excluded or ignored dental care!

This is not a new issue - In 2000 the U.S. Surgeon General called dental disease a “silent epidemic”, since then the situation has worsened! 

According to a Feb. 2012 U.S. Senate Subcommittee Report, “Those Who Need Care the Most are the Least Likely to Get It - Oral health problems affect people of all ages and backgrounds. For many, oral health problems start when they are young and get worse over time. One quarter of children ages 2-5 and one half of those 12-15 have tooth decay. In fact, dental caries (cavities) are the most common chronic childhood disease affecting almost 60% of children ages 5-17. As people grow older they continue to be plagued by oral health problems. One in four adults ages 65 and older in the U.S. have lost all of their teeth.”

The problem is not the quality of dental care in the U.S. - It is access to the care and affordable coverage to pay for it! As pointed out by CNN's  Jen Christensen, October 9, 2013, “Obamacare expands access to health insurance for tens of millions of people come January 1. Dental care for adults, however, is not included, and experts say we've got a potential oral health care crisis coming. Studies show that people who have insurance are more likely to get regular dental care. But only about 2% of older Americans have dental insurance of any kind, according to a new report. 

Oral Health America's CEO, Beth Truett cautions, 'Until we have an expansion of this kind of coverage, and until we have people really recognizing what this means for their overall health, I do believe we have an unimaginable tragedy on our hands,'

There are Greater Health Implications -- According to the Medicare Advocacy Group - “Lack of accessible, affordable dental coverage can lead to adverse health outcomes. Data shows, for example, that certain oral conditions including periodontal disease can increase risk for heart attacks and strokes. Conversely, many chronic health conditions can contribute to oral health problems, leading to further complications...”

While Dental Insurance Plans may be financially out-of-reach for many Americans -- there are affordable Deep Discount Plans that can bridge the gap and make dental care affordable. For more information -- Call Phil - 216.577.5579 or Email -

I invite you to connect on Linkedin! GoTo -


Here  are two examples of Affordable Opportunities!

                                             Number 1 --

1 even with prior dental conditions...
2 want quality care with discounted fees you see up front...
3 know that the Plan will accept you with no limits on use...
4 and don't have a dental insurance plan through your employer or another organization...
the Aetna or Carrington Discount Dental Plans,
at $6.95 per Member per month,
(2 Members: $11.95 per month; 3+ Members: $15.95 per month)
may be PERFECT for you and your family!
                                         Number 2 -- 

1 A dental savings plan functions a lot like a membership at a warehouse club.
Choose from 40+ different plans from the healthcare brands you already know and
    trust like Cigna, Aetna and more.
3 We have affordable plans to fit any need and budget.

4 Our plans cover more than 100,000 dentists nationwide.
      Start Saving Up To 60% with a Plan Of Your Choice!
                             CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

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What About The Cost of Healthcare For Your Pets? Are Their Affordable Solutions?

With all of the discussion about Obamacare/PPACA and access to healthcare for our families, we often forget to think about our pets!

When our pets are sick or injured, we often go through the same concerns as with other family members and the cost of care can be equally staggering. Insurance Plans for pets can be costly, limited in coverage, and underwritten like our plan! Is there an alternative?

The passing of my beloved Golden Retriever, Chase, was a wake-up call about the risk and cost of care! A New York Times article that I revisited provided me with the incentive to write this blog post! The article by Walecia Konrad  .
pointed out  "Pet owners like Ms. Nocella are spending more on veterinarian bills than ever before. The American Pet Products Association estimates that Americans will spend $12.2 billion on veterinary care this year, up from $11 billion last year and $8.2 billion in 2006.

Advances in veterinary medicine mean more extensive, and expensive, treatments are available for animals, but even ordinary costs like flea and tick protection can add up quickly." The cost and sophistication of care have increased since this article was written!

With the above in mind, I did some research to find out what was affordable and that would provide relief from unexpected treatment for pets when they are sick or injured.. 

While Insurance Plans are available and I will provide you breakdown upon request - please email - there is a viable, non-insurance based alternative! You can provide affordable care! For information go to Save Now

Let's Connect on Linkedin - Go To

For more information -- Call Phil - 216.577.5579 or Email -  

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Don't Be Invisible! An Incredible Special Offer to Reach 1000's in Your Targeted Markets Plus 1000's of Our Contacts! Make Inbound Marketing Work For You During the Coming Insurance / Benefits Decision-Making Season!

We at and BPTradeShow are determined to accomplish three things as the year-end Benefits and Insurance decision-making season gets underway!

1) Provide Employers, Employees, Individuals and Brokers efficient and effective access to the Plans, Programs, and Services they are searching for to meet their needs.
2) Provide Brokers, Service Providers, and Carrier/Providers access to efficient, cost-effective Inbound Marketing Strategies that deliver Qualified Prospects to their doors.
3) Bring the Buyers and Sellors of Plans, Programs, and Services together in an informative Research Center/Meeting Place.

To these ends we are offering sectors of the Insurance and Benefit Industries an incredible opportunity to spotlight their Plans, Programs, and Services at a price that all can afford!

To Sign-Up for the 90% Savings for 1 year at $288 - 

To  Sign-Up for the 90% Savings for 3 mos at $144  -
We have been asked, "How can you afford a 90% reduction in your normal pricing during this busy season?" The answer is simple! We know that when we deliver Inbound Qualified Prospects to you during this season, you will better understand and appreciate the inherent value of our Strategies and the ROI. You'll be our Client/Partners Year-After-Year!

If you have questions, please contact Phil at 216.577.5579 or Email -

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Making Inbound Marketing Work For You - Special Offer!

Can Inbound Marketing Increase your number of Qualified Prospects and Reduce Marketing Costs – The answer is YES!

Are you a “Doubting Thomas” about the value of Inbound Market for driving new clients to your doors at reduced costs? If so, your not alone!

I'm probably like you! I hate to commit to long term new strategies attached to long term costs. Especially when I am uncertain about the results!

With this in mind, we at have designed an opportunity for you to test and take advantage of our Inbound Marketing Capacities during this prime Insurance and Benefits Season for a short period of time at a reduced cost! Here's how it will work for you!

Our Special Mega B2B Inbound Marketing Package

What You Get & Your Cost and Savings:
                3 mo. Package - 25% Discount
                   (Usually a 1-year Contract)
What You Get
> Ongoing Inbound Marketing Campaigns working with our staff
> 5 Booth Pages on BPTradeShow -- Plus Landing Page
> 6 Listings on Sections
> 6 Display Ads on Appropriate Pages
> Distribution of Content on Business Media Channels
> Distribution of Content on Social Business Media Channels
> Utilization of our extensive data bases for Potential Clients
> Consultation on Landing Pages and SEO Utilization

Your Cost & Savings!
            Set-Up Fee -- $600 (Regularly $800)
            3 Month Fee -- $1687 (Regularly $2250)
                         Totals $2287 $ 3050
                        Your Savings -- $762
                   (Three Month Contract - Not 1 Year)
                     Your Total Cost -- $2287

Note – Just consider the value of One New Account and How many Groups or Individuals
may be looking for or need your Plans, Programs, and/or Services!

Let's take a look at Inbound Marketing and if it will work for you?

Guy Kawasaki - Former chief evangelist of Apple, Co-founder of Alltop - stated, "If you have more money than Brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more Brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing."

For More Info. - - Go to –

Have a Question? – Email Phil – or Call 216.577.5579

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Building Memories, Traditions and a Legacy in the Great Outdoors!

What a beautiful weekend! With warm weather and a cool breeze, I was reminded of why we created Heritance Properties-A Place for Creating, Memories, Traditions, and a Legacy!!

These Destination Properties are being established to develop home-away-from-home exclusive, lifestyle properties adjacent to national, state, and/or local public land with a focus on conservancy, outdoor camp experiences, recreation, relaxation, and legacy for its residents and members of all ages. The year-round camp will help introduce - or reintroduce - people of all ages to the joys of outdoor experiences! We intend to develop the 1st destination property in the upper mid-west within two hours of major metropolitan ares! Visit Heritance Properties and Participate!

Heritance Properties will offer a number of unique lifestyle choices, including

Family Compounds - an exclusive home-away-from-home - on 5 acre lots;
Lodge - with comfortable Dining, Suites and Cabins for Family and Individual stays;
3) Fitness/Wellness Center - utilizing indoor and outdoor facilities;
4) Arts and Learning Center - for building the minds of all ages;

5) Year-Round Family Camp - with activities and sports for people of all ages;6) Outdoor Experiences - Recreation, Relaxation enjoyed by being adjacent to National, State, and/or other public land with a focus on conservancy!

For many of us, outdoor experience either started with hiking with family or at a Summer Camp! Mine was at Red Raider Camp in Northeastern Ohio at age 4. What a Great, Life Changing set of experiences! I remember so many experiences.
The Dining Hall was always the central meeting place, for food, song, and fun! 

We need your HELP for building the Heritance Properties Dining Hall & Commons. We'er offering some great Perks/Gifts for your contribution to the CrowdFunding Campaign. CLICK HERE to find out more about the campaign and the Perks/Gifts!

Please pay your outdoor experience forward helping young and older build Memories, Traditions, and a Legacy! Have A Great Day!


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