Thursday, January 29, 2015

Do You Know If Your Workout Is Working For You?

Ready. Get Set. Get Fit. Go Fitbit!

There's no denying it. It's already the end of January and our New Year's Resolution to amp up our

health and fitness is waning by the day. And Springtime is getting closer and closer as the days get longer and longer. Is there anything we can do to take the first meaningful, regular steps to get in sync with our objectives?
Make it happen - track your workouts and lifestyle!
Of course there is! It's called Fitbit! Over the course of the last 7 years, Fitbit has developed and evolved simple, easy, accurate, affordable Activity Tracking Solutions in several formats—wristbands, a clip-on, and even chic fashion accessories by Tory Burch—a premier American fashion designer!

But don't be fooled...

Whether you look at the entry level “Zip” which tracks steps, distance, and calories...

or the highest level “Surge” which adds tracking for stairs, sleep quality with gently vibrating alarm, watch, caller ID, heart rate, GPS, multi-sport records, notifications from your phone, as well as music from your playlist... 

or one of the models in-between... 
Fitbit comes in various affordable prices for all!prices

You will be getting a tracker with the latest, greatest technology. In addition, Fitbit syncs with your smartphone and computer, so you always know how your activities are working toward your better health or if you need to re-assess and add more to your efforts to reach your goals.

But is wearable wellness a fad or here to stay? Can it really help you reach your health and fitness goals? Will it really motivate you to perform at ever-increasing levels to help you become the lean, mean health-machine you are striving for?

Consider this: 1. The data is automatic, verifiable, and accurate. 2. The technology is connected to your phone and computer so your stats are always at your fingertips for you and your Doctor. 3. You can plug into a social network to compete and/or get support. 4. You can choose a designer, lifestyle model for pizzaz. 5. Just like you, people everywhere are choosing to be more active and they want to make sure their efforts can be measured and are paying off. 6. You can even get a Premium Fitbit Membership for $49/year which includes a personal trainer, nutritionist, and sleep consultant—all of which will create motiviation for your efforts!

You are ready to change your life. Walking, running, cross-training, cardio—whatever works for you. Fitbit will jump-start your journey. Your heart will thank you. Your muscles will thank you. You will sleep better and awaken refreshed. Your Doctor will congratulate you. You will have more energy than you ever remembered.
We all procrastinate, even when we know that we can enhance our well-being. So, let's make this easy. Say to yourself: “If I just click on any of the “Fitbit” links in this Blog, I can be on my way to taking charge of my health and well-being doing any activity I choose—
even just walking my way to a healthier me and making every step count.” Then click.

And smile. You just did something really wonderful for yourself! - It's Fifbit!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Wellness Component and Opportunity - 30 Min 3 Days a Week!

Healthy and Fit in 30 Minutes—3 Times a Week? Really??

Okay. New Resolution—2015: a New Year, a Healthier, More Fit You. Really.

But wait. Haven't you been here before? I have.

Most of us make resolutions to exercise and lose pounds
Those early morning- or after-work trips to the gym that eat up a couple of hours each time, what with the gym-bag packing, the travel, the clothes-changing, and the actual exercise routines. Then the shower, the clothes- changing and the travel again. Somehow, at the end of it all, I don't feel energized, I feel exhausted...And when it's time to repeat the process the following day to get the lean, healthy body I'm striving for, my motivation just seems to evaporate. Too much time, too much non-exercise-related effort, too interruptive to my day, and too costly.

What I really need is a way to get the best calorie-burning, toning results at home, to eliminate the wasted time of going to a gym, to enjoy the experience my way, and boost my confidence and energy. And get all that by working out for 30 Minutes—3 Times a Week, in my comfortable space, watching/listening to whatever media experience floats my boat at any given time, wearing what I want without embarrassment. Is such a thing possible? You better betcha!

Believe it or not, there is one piece of equipment that offers all those advantages and more. You use it in your home and you burn over 600 calories in 30 Minutes just by WALKING! It's called the BowFlexTreadclimber!
The BowFlex TC10 Best Seller

Imagine a piece of equipment that uses the best combined technology of a treadmill, stairclimber, and elliptical machine—ALL IN ONE—with non of the joint stress of running! The results? 30 Minutes of WALKING on the BowFlexTreadclimber burns almost 4 times as many calories as using a treadmill (165 calories for 30 minutes) and more that 3 times as many calories as on a stairclimber (191 calories for 30 minutes)...

And what are 8 other benefits to you besides burning off all those calories?
  1. You lose weight. 2. You look better. 3. You increase your energy. 4. You increase your bone density and strength so you are at less risk of a bone fracture. 5. You increase your good cholesterol—HDL's. 6. You decrease your risk of a heart attack. 7. You decrease any back pains. 8. You increase your metabolism which decreases body fat and your body becomes leaner.
Shelly lost 40 pounds in four months using the BowFlex Treadclimber
Who's going to argue with those results???

So what's the catch? The Cost. Because you're worth it, you need to make a financial commitment to obtain this important piece of equipment that will make you a happier, healthier you. A you who makes you smile when you look in the mirror; a you who actually enjoys shopping for smart clothes that you have only loved on other people, a you whose doctor congratulates you on your new-found health and energy!

Fortunately, you can save anywhere from $200 to $700 with the special offers available. And, if approved, you can obtain free financing for 18 months! And besides the equipment choice of 3 models of the BowFlexTreadclimber, you will receive access to the BowFlex Community, Training Tips, and Diet Advice, too!

What are you waiting for? You want a healthy and fit you ASAP...So, you need to take the first step: Check out the 3 BowFlex Treadmill choices, choose the model which most appeals to you and your pocketbook, and start WALKING to become a healthier, fit, and happier you! Enjoy the journey—the payoff is AMAZING!!

Check-out our new website offering "Exclusive Opportunities" -

Friday, January 23, 2015

Good Health Can Affordably Start With Your Mouth & Teeth!

A Healthy Mouth = A Healthier You!

That hole in our faces between our nose and our chin is an amazing anatomical part...yet we often take it for granted even though it is vital to our well-being in so many ways!

The importance of teeth and mouth care for ood health
What ways, you ask? My partner, Maxine, is a trained dental hygienist, and she gave me the quick and short list of the vital role of our mouths: Food Intake and Pre-digestion; Speech; Appearance (Healthy Smile); and General Circulatory System Health to prevent Bacterial and Viral-based Heart Disease, Blood Infections, and General Malaise.

So, hands down, it pays to take care of our mouths to promote our general health! Here's the next consideration—and it's personal: What have you done lately to maximize the health of YOUR mouth?

The care and maintenance of your mouth breaks down into 2 simple categories:
  1. DENTAL SELF-CARE: Cleaning your teeth, gums, and tongue, 1-2 times per day.
  2. DENTAL PROFESSIONAL CARE: Getting a teeth and gum examination—often including x-rays (“radiographs”), teeth cleaning (“prophylaxis” is the clinical term), and treatment as necessary, 1-2 times per year.
Just know that the modern focus of dental care is on prevention and includes instruction for daily self-cleaning care as well as a professional exam, cleaning, and treatment with new techniques that are far more comfortable for patients than in days of old!

Often, though there are two obstacles for people who are stonewalled at getting the Professional Dental Care they need: FEAR and COST.

If FEAR of the dentist is keeping you from the care you need to stay a healthier you, know that you can shop around for THE dentist who offers the most comfortable, professional care. Call several offices and ask them to describe their prevention protocol for patients and request a couple of patient reviews! Seriously, you probably shop for the best quality and value for all the other services you need to purchase; do it for your mouth, too!

The other obstacle is COST. So where is the White Horse come to save the day??? Well, it's here and it's called Individual (and, often, Family) Dental Plans. These Plans are not traditional insurance plans offered by an employer group. Rather, they are discount plans for individuals and family members that can generate even greater cost-savings to you! We're going to look at one of the best, most affordable Plans in the marketplace: Careington Discount Dental Plan.

Here is what Careington offers: It has some of the best health care and lifestyle discount plans in the industry. Key features include:
  • Discounts available at the time of service
  • Unlimited plan usage, with no administrative forms or waiting
  • On most plans, membership can include family members
  • Existing medical conditions OK
  • Compatible with consumer-directed health plans such as HSAs/FSAs
  • Cancellation available within 30 days and receive a full refund, less your processing fee
  • Quality Providers
So, don't wait another minute to guarantee a more healthy mouth to support a more healthy you! Link to Careington Discount Dental Plans and take a look at the important, affordable dental coverage that is in sync with your dental AND general health! (We even encourage Brokers to offer it to their clients!) There's even more! The Careington Plan includes Vision and Pharmacy Discount Cards! So, sign up for the Plan to best meet your needs and welcome to the world of Happy Smiles!  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Limiting Your Costs - Your Pets Deserve All Your Love!

As we begin the New Year, I decided it was important to look at some areas of interest outside of insurance and benefits. And what better way, but to introduce you to some amazing companies and products that will enrich your lifestyle and that of your family, friends, and pets? So I decided to start with pets. Here's why...

That intangible sense of well-being that comes from the unconditional love that most of our pets offer us makes coming home even better after a long day! My dog is a border collie/lab mix whose name is Derby—short for Dirtbike. My daughter, Sarah, and her then boyfriend, named him in honor of a hot band in Columbus, Ohio over 10 years ago when they got him as the runt of a litter that was in the local shelter. As time went forward, Sarah was unable to keep Derby in the apartment she had, so she bequeathed him to me! Derby's happy-dance when I walk in the door never gets old! But HE is getting older (not so sure about the wiser!) and it is important to offer him the best quality of life with carefully chosen food, toys, and meds to keep him physically, psychologically, and emotionally at his peak. No doubt you feel the same way about your pet(s)!

After checking the internet for a pet-supply vendor which offered a cost-effective, broad range of brand-name, quality pet products, I discovered Pet360/Pet Food Direct. Whether you share your home with a Dog, Cat, Small Pet, Reptile, Fish, or Bird (or multiples of any of these creatures!), Pet360/Pet Food Direct offers a lowest price guarantee on hundreds of premium brands and thousands of products in an easily searchable site. In addition, (and I always look for this), they also offer additional opportunities to save, including free shipping on orders over $49, so that your products are delivered to your door without any shipping costs! Our next post will discuss Pet Insurance and Pet Care Discount Plans.

Do yourself and your pet(s) a favor! Link to -: and Today through January 31st, receive free shipping on all orders of $49 or more and 10% off + free shipping on all orders of $79 or more! Choose some fabulous items to have shipped to your door, and create even more smiles for you AND your pets! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year & Exciting New Things on the Way!

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So, continue the glow of the New Year! 
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, & Happy New Year To All!

This is the Season to actively offer Goodwill towards Men (and Women)! 
It is also the Season of Lights--
Lights to shine the way for us to dedicate ourselves 
to be the best we can be now and in the months to come.
 Perhaps this year, we can each heed the message of the Golden Rule 
by treating it as a living, breathing guide to be kind, generous, and grateful 
in all that we do for ourselves and everyone whose lives we touch...

With heartfelt wishes for a light-filled Holiday Season and beyond!

Philip W Eide, President
E Maxine Collin, CEO

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 Things to Help Differentiate You as a Health & Life Broker With Your Current and Potential Clients!

Differentiating yourself and your operations in your Targeted Markets may well be the key to: (1) Survival in the Insurance and Benefit Marketplace (2) Saving you Time and Money and (3) Critical to Retaining and Building your Block of Business!

The Problems
A) Unfortunately, the insurance marketplace is more and more becoming commoditized. The dramatic disruptive changes and complexities accompanying PPACA/Obamacare have made it difficult for insurance brokers to truly differentiate themselves from other brokers. Like it or not, most Employers and Individuals view Brokers as the same. They sell insurance, make money, and make the same promises!

B) All Cities and States have a plethora of Brokers knocking on doors and making calls. As an example - though a little dated - According to the 2002 Census, there are over 26,800 insurance agencies and brokerages in California alone, including over 5,000 in metro Los Angeles and over 2,600 in the metro San Francisco area. More recently, according to the California Department of Insurance's commissioner Dave Jones, "The CDI licenses over 1,500 insurance companies and more than 320,000 insurance agents and insurance brokers". 

It's up to you as a Broker to separate and differentiate yourself and your operations from the masses!

10 Differentiators:
1) Utilize Technologies that save your current and potential Clients time and money – It will also make your operations more efficient! The following link is an example of a stand-out quoting engine - ZapQuotes - for California's Exchange Plans and Medicare Supplements. ClickHere
2) Help Reduce Costs – both hard dollar and administrative!
3) Remember that Health Coverage – and confusion about PPACA/Obamacare - is the No 1 concern – tackle that 1st!
4) Offer a broad set of Insurance and Benefit Choices – both Group and Individual. Realize that almost all plans are now “Voluntary”! One carrier cannot provide the best Plans and Pricing!
5) Work with a Private Exchange and utilize a Defined Contribution Plan Design in the Group Marketplace!
6) Help plan and assist with the selected Enrollment Processes – Education, Communication, Type of Enrollment, and Data Management!
7) Be available when the first Payroll Deductions and/or Billing occurs – confusion generates cancellations!
8) Proactively Assist with Claims and Policy Questions – Problems with Claims cause cancellations!
9) Offer and Provide Individual Benefit Statements and Audits at each enrollment period or annually for Individuals – people's lives and circumstances change!
10) Build Trust and Add Value on an ongoing basis! Utilize Social/Business Media and other Inbound Marketing strategies to efficiently and cost-effectively reach your targeted markets!

What will be the results?
    A. Better meet the needs of your Current and Potential Clients
    B. Differentiate yourself from the competition
    C. Protect your book of business
    D. Deliver more value to your client relationships
    E. Write new business    
    For more information about the above, please contact Phil 
         Email -
         Call - 216.577.5579
    For Inbound Marketing Cost-Saving Specials - Click Here


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