Saturday, July 9, 2016

See This Carter's/OshKosh B'gosh "Ginormous" Sale - "This is Huge"!

When shopping for Kids, you can't beat the combo of Carter's and OshKosh 
Carter's & OshKosh B'gosh are your places to shop online for kid's clothes!
B'gosh! Or Can You? The answer is YES! It's when both are having an Incredible Sale! A great time for Parents - and Grandparents like me with 5 in the right age group - to shop, shop and shop!

About Carter's - Carter's is the leading brand of children's clothing, gifts and accessories in
America, selling more than 10 products for every child born in the U.S. You'll find
Carter's kid's clothes are the standard for dressing your loved ones in style!
classic great looks at incredible prices! Trusted by moms the world over, they create cute, colorful, fresh and happy baby and children’s clothing, gifts and accessories to make life easier and more fun. You can count on Carter’s to take care of the details so you are free to focus on what really matters: Celebrating Your Little Ones! Click the Logo or Go To -

About OshKosh B'gosh - Shop for kids clothes &
OshKosh B'gosh has a tradition of making your kid's look ruggedly cute and adorable!
toddler clothes at, including our World's Best Overalls, kid's denim and more children's clothes. Since 1895, the World’s Best Overalls embody the hopes, dreams and pride of every parent for their kids. More than just a clothing company, OshKosh B’gosh is an emotional connection between generations. See the overalls and so much more! Click on the Logo or Go To -

These are two brand names and one company you can count on!

Carter's Review - Here's what Sue C. had to say on Sitejabber  - “Love the clothes!! Always great quality. Good customer service. Wish they offered free shipping but hey can't have it all. I'm a regular shopper at their site. Super fast shipping!"

OshKosh B'gosh Review - Here's what Kate Hayes wrote in Adventures In Parenting, "’re not going to be seeing anything 'super trendy' (i.e. Mini Boden, Tea Collection). But the clothes are trendy enough. And again, the prices

are pretty awesome. Oh…and if you’d love to get your kid some overalls just like the ones that you had 25 years ago, you’re in luck. They still have them. I guess these never really go out of style."

Shop online at Carter's & OshKosh B'gosh for BIG SAVINGS! - For Shopping & Saving on your personal, family, business and gifting needs
Reminder - Use when shopping for Personal, Family, Business, and Gifting Needs - You'll find Great Selection and Great 

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Natural & Other Disasters Happen! Are You Prepared for the Worst?

Does it seem like there are more natural and man made disasters than in the past? It may be the media coverage but the number and magnitude of these horrific events seems to be increasing and is staggering! In only the past several months there have been a plethora of natural disasters, including: floods, wildfires, mudslides, landslides, hurricanes, tornadoes, wind storms, extreme heat - and this before hurricane season. Worldwide we have the ongoing wars and terrorism that also threaten our shores and daily lives.
Are you ready for natural and man made disasters?

Being Prepared - Speaking with family and friends, I realized how ill-prepared we are should any of these cataclysmic events visit our neighborhoods. Here are some ideas for making a disaster Plan from the Red Cross:
1) Discuss your plans with all family members.
2) Prepare for evacuation routes from your home, workplace and other locations you visit frequently.
3) Buy, update and organize First Aid Kits to meet a variety of situations.
4) Plan for taking care of your pets and animals.
5) Have a plan for notifying family and friends about your status.

6) Buy and Store Adequate Food and Water Supplies!
Store great tasting food and water in case of a disaster!
Our Problem was with Number 6 - Buy and Store Adequate Food and Water Supplies! - We ran into some serious questions. These included, where do you find foods that: will remain edible for long periods of time, can be easily stored in volume, are affordable, are palatable - Taste Good"! To this end I, and my company,, did some research. To date we have found one good option that received Great Reviews - PrepareWise!! Let's take a look at this company - 

The PrepareWise Mission - "At PrepareWise, we seek to prepare and supply families for emergency survival—and we want to help you do
The PrepareWise mission is to provide you food, water and more during disasters!
it cheaply and wisely. We are passionate about this mission and strive daily to ensure our emergency food storage and survival supplies far surpass competitors both in quality and price."
What others have to say, "The meal options are extensive and varied. You may not be able to keep these long-term food storage packets around, with tasty and tempting options such as pasta primavera, white bean chili mix and spicy corn chowder. PrepareWise takes pride in selling dishes that emphasize healthy eating. Each dish has low cholesterol, low fat and low sodium. Also, the company doesn't use MSG or trans-fat in any of its recipes". Found on -
What To Do - Act now to protect your family and yourself! By chance, we found that PrepareWise is currently having a Sale - Check It Out!
PrepareWise for getting you through disasters - Food & Water!
Note – PrepareWise also offers a wide variety of gear to help your family and you survive the unexpected!

Reminder - Use when shopping for Personal, Family, Business, and Gifting Needs - You'll find Great Selection and - Your online, outlet shopping mall!.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Can Be A Pet Care Cost Nightmare! - Are You Prepared?

Taking Care of Pets - Especially Dogs & Cats? They Become Part of Your Family & are often a Cost that is Underestimated!
Pet care can be expensive and requires planning!

The Summer months add additional risks for your pet to get sick or injured! They're out and about more and exposed to far more dangers than when they were cooped up during the Winter months. What happens? Much like when a child is sick or injured, you rush your pet to get the proper care - A Vet that can be expensive and will impact on your family budget!

Take a look at the section dedicated to Pets and Animals! You'll find links to Pet Care Related Product & Service Providers, including: Pet Insurance Companies, Discount Pet Plans, Pet Rx Plans, Pet Nutrition, Organic Pet Products, Healthy Toys & More! Go To  -

Who Owns Pets?  - "It's estimated that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 37-47% of all households in the
Its amazing how many people own pets! They need care!
United States have a dog, and 30-37% have a cat." (Source: APPA)

The Cost of Pet Care! Oh My - Understanding the cost of veterinary care is an important part of making a decision about purchasing pet health insurance. According to Wallet Hub, dog owners spend an estimated $235 – $776 per year on veterinary care, and cat owners spend $160-$564. While lifespans vary, that can equate to around $10,000 over the course of your pet’s life!” Family Pet Blog – 2016

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?What About Pet Insurance? Is insurance the answer? This article provides some insights, "When people ask me that question my answer is always the same: It depends. Buying pet insurance is both an economic and an emotional decision that needs to be based on your personal financial situation and what you’re willing to pay for peace of mind.” The article continued, ““It’s a way to manage risk,” Biniasz says. “If you look at any form of insurance and try to run the numbers, you’re going to find that most people are not going to get back what they pay in premiums. But the people who do are happy they made the investment.” Brett Weisman – ConsumerMan on NBC

Pet Insurance Plans as a Voluntary Employee Benefit? Employers - and Brokers - need to take a close look at Pet Insurance and Pet Care related products as a #voluntarybenefit to satisfy the wants and needs of their Employees - Especially Millennials! A recent article titled "Pet Insurance popular with millennials who see animals as family" in Employee Benefit Advisor, by Caroline Spiezle notes, "As the rates of millennials adopting pets and entering the workforce continues to rise, the demand for pet-focused perks will rise as well. And there’s room for such growth. More than 90% of pet owners do not have insurance."
My Thoughts - Its better to plan ahead for the cost of your Pet's Care than to be taken by surprise. As with any part of your family, you don't want your Pet Care decisions to be made based on cost! 
Ideas for keeping your pet healthy and happy!
As with humans, prevention is critical for your Pets! Here are some pointers (assuming dogs & cats): 
~ Feed them healthy foods in moderation
~ Watch their weight
~ Provide them excersize
~ Fence or Contain your yard - don't let them run wild
~ Check them for ticks and flees
~ Provide them a flea collar 
~ Bath and inspect your pet
~ Don't leave them in a hot house, car or truck
~ Provide them with sources of fresh water
~ Don't let them drink from questionable lakes and streams
~ Show them lots of affection!

Have a Fun, Safe & Affordable Summer and beyond for your Pets, Your Family, and Yourself - Enjoy! 

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Act Now - Turn Your Patios, Decks and/or Porches into "Outdoor Living"! Save Now!!

Does your home, condo or apartment have an under-utilized and unattractive porch, deck and/or patio area? Worse yet - are these places that are intended for you, family and Friends to relax looking weather beaten and ragged? 

The Problem - My porches look like a storage area for used furniture! I have this problem and want to do something about it! I want to do something about it.
What I don't want to do  - Run around shopping for furniture sets and individual pieces hoping to hit a sale and then try to load them into my car or haggle for delivery!
What I want to do - Find a quick, personalized fix that turns these disaster areas into something special where I can take-it-easy and entertain!

The Solution - An online shopping solution crossed my desk that offers: quality, choice, and style for buying coordinated patio, deck and porch furniture sets and accessories.  Equally impressive is that they offer 
Pier 1 Imports - Your website for Special deals on Patio Furniture!
OFF ALL OUTDOOR"! Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more - I'm "All IN" for Pier 1 Imports!!

About Pier 1 - While I have heard about and think been in a Pier 1 store, I really did not realize the size, quality and pricing of their furniture selections - especially for the porch, patio or outdoors! 

Here's what Pier 1 says about themselves, "...we search out the world’s most gifted artisans, find and develop fashion-forward trends, and handcraft exclusive products with you specifically in mind." 

A Pier 1 Review - " of my favorite stores to shop for outdoor furnishings, stylish accessories and some really great entertaining ideas. I’ve been browsing this store for years, and they always come through in the summer with lots of bright colors and fun". By Rhoda at Southern Hospitality

Here's what I suggest:
~ Walk around your your house, condo or apartment
Beautiful patio, porch and deck furniture on SALE!
~ Take a look at the porches, patios and decks 
~ See how they look - Are they an eyesore?
~ Ask yourself if you'd like a comfortable, affordable, designer look that brings the indoors together with the outdoors for yourself, family, and friends?
~ If your answer is YESCLICK HERE, and start shopping! You'll like what you see and the savings found on the Pier 1 website. Even better, experience how great you feel when you SAVE and bring your Patio, Deck or Porch areas back to life! 
~ Relax, Entertain & Enjoy the Months ahead!!!!

Remember - Use when shopping for Personal, Family, Business, and Gifting Needs - You'll find Great Selection and Great - Your online, outlet shopping mall!.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Let's Party for the 4th of July - Fun & Food!
Let's Get Ready For A Fun-Filled 4th of July! Be Prepared and Save!

1) For The Grill ChicagoSteak Company - Great Steaks, Chops, Seafood & Desserts? 

      What they say about their own Company & Mission, "At Chicago Steak Company we dedicate ourselves to the highest quality of service. It is with a sense of warmth, pride, and commitment that we sell and Deliver the World's
Finest Beef, Seafood, and Desserts." 
     See what their customers had to say - "This is what quality should be like. Totally impressed with the quality. Even the packaging for shipment was superior to the competition." TrustedPilot by Alex
Select Now - The choices are unbelievable and the taste is even better! What a way to cap off the 4th!! 
2) Need a Grill? - Char-Broil - Wow -- are these popular - For those that love the flavor of Charcoal Grilling or the convenience of Gas! Great Choices at Great Prices!!

     Take a look at the Char-Broil 4-Burner Gas Grill! 
     Here's the review by, "The Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner is a 
powerful, affordable barbecue grill with several features that make it a good choice for your backyard or patio. It generates plenty of heat from its four primary burners and has a lot of cooking space, allowing you to cater to both small and large parties."
Select a Grill Now - The selection of grills is terrific to meet the needs of all  - including commercial grade! 

The 4th of July - Independence Day - is about celebrating our nations birthday! What better way than with Family, Good food and Outdoor Fun!
Shop at and Save!

Remember -- Visit to meet your Personal, Family, Business and Gifting Need!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Making Plans for the July 4th - Independence Day? Don't Forget To Display the American Flag! - Celebrate the 4th of July & Fly the Flag!
It's Time to Fly The Flag! The 4th of July is - and should be - about parades, picnics, fireworks and getting together. The day celebrates the Birth of America! 

Our forefathers took great risk and had incredible foresight in making this day and America possible. 
Let's show our love for this nation - even with its imperfections - by flying or displaying the American Flag. Search the closets or attic and take out the flag. Don't have one? - Buy Now & Save - "Made in America".

Here's's suggestion for buying a US made flag - (See the company review below) - Shop now and enjoy up to a 30% Savings! - Buy an American Flag for the 4th of July and save - made in America!

About July 4, 1776 - "On July 4, 1776, two days after it adopted the Lee Resolution that declared the united colonies’ independence from Great Britain, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), which explains that decision by “declar[ing] the causes which impel them to the separation.” Provided by

How to Celebrate the 4th - John Adams, our 2nd President suggested in a letter to his wife, Abigail, how we should recognize and celebrate the 4th, "I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty; it ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.” From 

An interesting fact about the 4th of July and the two above mentioned forefathers - "John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the second and third presidents of the United States, respectively, die on this day, the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Both men had been central in the drafting of the historic document; Jefferson had authored it, and Adams, who was known as the “colossus of the debate,” served on the drafting committee and had argued eloquently for the declaration’s passage." From

Review of - Posted from ResellerRatings
"I chose this flag because of its reported durability for outdoor use and it's price. I am very pleased with how it looks on the flag pole and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a standard-size flag." wishes you a Happy 4th of July!

We wish you a Happy, Safe and Fun-Filled Holiday! Remember - Use for all of your Personal, Business & Gifting Needs!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Is Almost Here - That Means Traveling & Camping - Are You Equipped?

When it comes to planning a trip and camping - if it includes the Great Outdoors - much of the comfort and success will depend on the right clothes and equipment! While I am a seasoned veteran of both the planning and equipping outdoor experiences - both casual and more intense - I have been as guilty as the novice at making these big mistakes:
          ~ Putting price before Quality
          ~ Not sticking to proven Brand Names
          ~ Not planning for changes in weather conditions -                      Wet, Hot, Cold, Wind, etc
          ~ Either over or under packing for the Trip 

Here are two Companies we'd suggest you look at for camping and other outdoor needs:
    Cabela's - 
Cabela's - Your source for outdoor gear & Equipment!
About - A direct marketer and specialty retailer of hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, and related outdoor recreation merchandise.

Review - "Great service, fast delivery and excellent products. Love Cabela's!!" By Dena on

    Sierra Trading Post -  
About - They believe everyone can feel the thrill of exploration; they make it easier to explore more by offering incredible savings on the best brands from around the world.
Sierra Trading Post - The place to shop for your camping gear!

Review - "Based on this one purchase I would highly recommend the company. Let me add, I rarely give five stars, but the product being as described and two-day delivery warranted them." By 2mileHi on 

Here is a suggested list of needs - in addition to the proper choices of clothes, shoes, boots, etc. - for camping provided by
  • tent
  • sleeping bags
  • sleeping pads
  • first aid kit
  • lantern
  • flashlights
  • extra batteries
  • small whisk broom
  • tarps
  • wet wipes/paper towels
  • matches
  • bug repellent
  • trash bags
  • plates & utensils
  • cooking supplies
An addition I'd suggest is a table top propane grill - they are affordable and take the hassle out of finding wood and a clean grill! With a name like Weber, you can't go wrong! 

Remember - Use when shopping for Personal, Family, Business, and Gifting Needs - You'll find Great Selection and Great - Your online, outlet shopping mall!.
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